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My nickname is Cocotte, and I was born in the Caribbean from where I’ve developed an extreme love for Scents  for as long I can remember. The  types that  I was introduced to  when I first arrived on the planet- lingered in my nose from time to time; such as– the rare aroma of the baby powder in which my mother used to marinated me as if I  was a fish getting ready to be deep fried. Other memories cling to the delicate lavender in the cheap deodorant.  That stuff smelled so  damn good it should’ve been used to invoke distant spirits.  Unfortunately; I failed to value them at their true worth because I thought America had better qualities, but their toiletries slaughtered that ignorance.  I never lost  my childhood memories, if I could turned back time,I would be more appreciative, and I would learned how to make some of my favorite stuff. Such as– the “low end” deodorant my mother used to saturate my armpits with, (because she couldn’t stand the smell of sweat) the Almond Soaps that such delicious aroma,it was always a pleasure to bathe in the outdoor tubI wish  had the recipe for those products. When I first came to America, my aunt had given me an Ivory soap – which she claimed was the US version,I didn’t argue with her but it was like wearing polyester as an alternative to silk, and ends up getting a nasty rash.. I wanted to go back home became I could not adjust to the fact that I was always indoors… I was being homesick. My family and friends claimed I was lucky that I was granted a US Visa,  while many others got declined:

 ( …) I was grateful to be in the Big Apple, but the loneliness was too overwhelming. I was alone for more than 8 hours in a 3 family house ,the walls were closing in on me … I felt trapped! The phone used to ring every 5 minutes mainly English speaking individuals, and I didn’t speak or understand a word of what they were saying.  Life was not Perfect where I come from but I was surrounded by people  who spoke  the same language as me, and  my communication line was  always open but I was mute  for  at least 8 hours… the language barrier was the contributing factor Money was never a big issue  because  we never had access to too much of it- thus it was virtually impossible for us to live beyond our means-but nonetheless we had “Bourgoisie” mentality meaning  (wealthy) I had no idea  I was poor until I came to America. I had terrible nightmares! Coming from sharing a room with 2 siblings to sleeping in a Queen Size Bed alone was too much to bare– I was not comfortable using  indoor bathroom- thus I requested an outdoor toilet. I was overwhelmedI was very young ,childish and very ignorant eventually I adjusted.  But the real dilemma I couldn’t cope with  is that I was  unable to find the same toiletries I’m used to – thus I was unable to accomplish  “The Perfect Smell’ that fed my spirit-but I was was determined mad  to find French Products  I did a year later when I landed  my first job.

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