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I was born a twin in the Caribbean, my mother suffered with eclampsia (a life threatening condition) and had seizures during labor. Back then, hospitals in my country were not fully equipped to handle that medical condition-often times they would save the mothers Our situation was complicated because there were 2 of us . My mother's life was in imminent danger thus, she was first priority, and while the medical professionals were debating on giving her a "c" section in an attempt to save one of us --I stepped into the world all by myself - my brother was born a few hours later without caesarian;unfortunately he was medically challenged, he died a year later. My father was a shoemaker by day and a pastor by night, my mom worked at a nearby hotel. They never had much, but whatever they had they shared with the less fortunate.After I graduated from high school, I landed my first job in a high end store as a sale's girl, my duty was to help customers to choose the right fragrances- additionally, I was in charge of promoting new lines for 20% commission.I did well without any degree in chemistry.When I came to America in the early eighties I wanted to pursue a career in the Cosmetic industry but there was more opportunity in health care fields. After my first employment, I decided to continue to care for those who are too sick or too old to care for themselves, and I cared for patients from every walks, and treated each and everyone of them as individual Not statistics. They say I am "a breath of fresh air" that validation brought resounding me. Though I've never worked in the Beauty industry, I designed this site to fulfilled that dream digitally. My parents instilled in me the values of kindness and sharing.and to treat everyone the way I would like to be treated. However;I am not the "turn the other cheek" type of chick