How To Smell Good For Summer

Tips To Smelling Good All Summer Long

Summer is upon us which means no more hats, gloves and bulky coats. However it brings a host of issues with it. Allergy, under eye puffiness, humidity, your makeup keeps siding off  and inescapable drenching sweat whenever you venture outside! So how do you smell good all summer long? Very simple, if you normally wash off then you will smell like summer in a bottle . Here are a few of my  tips for perfect summer scent!

1. I shower everyday using cold water, I exfoliate every other day to slough off dead skin. I use Verbena body wash  and salt Scrub by L’occitane. I love using that scrub in Summer because the verbena extract keeps my skin moisturized.  I also scrub my armpits with it on days I don’t shave.

2. Every human being sweats that’s the rule of nature. it is odorless, if there’s offensive odor associated with it, that  can be cause for concern. Some people get botox in their armpits to prevent them from sweating. I just hoard deodorants- not the alcohol-based mainstream deodorants. I use Biotherm Deo-pure, it’s pretty expensive for a deodorant it’s lightly scented…. I don’t want my perfume to compete with heavily fragranced deodorant.

content_Biotherm_940Recently, during a visit to Paris I bought two deodorants for 50 US $ at Biotherm store in (left) France, 2 days later I purchased the same deodorant  for $12 @ Odeon Pharmacy.

Odeon Pharmacy
Odeon Pharmacy

They recently becomes available in the US for a whooping $26. Fortunately; I have enough to last me until my next trip to Paris. If you find yourself in France this summer (I know many of you will) and looking for bargain-stop at pharmacy Odeon, located at 97 Boulevard  Saint Germain. Take metro Saint Germain Des Pres .

Biotherm spray deo
Biotherm spray deo

3. Wear clean under garments everyday, and change your bedding regularly. Let your bath towel air dry after each use, and refrain from using the same towel more than twice –wash them with scented detergent and fabric softener.

4. Wash your hair, weave, dreads or extensions. Smelly hair is nauseating:(

5. Wear light fragrances. I interchange my perfumes because I tire easily wearing the same scents. Yesterday I had on  ‘Bombshell by Victoria Secret. Today ‘So In Love By Philosophy – depending on the weather I will wear ‘Clinique Happy Summer Spray – which is one of my favorites by Estee Lauder:

How To Smell Good Without Perfume

imagesScent is one of the most delicate yet a strong parts of the  human sensory experience however; despite  the catching trend of perfumes there are places where perfume is not allowed. Hospitals is one of them-especially around cancer patients.  Smelling Good doesn’t mean dousing of perfume especially if you are a guy. (I have seen people who wear perfume but when I get close to them their breath stink to high heaven: A standard hygiene such as  shower with soap to get rid of decomposed cells- the odor causing bacteria that thrives in areas like armpits and groin. However; you can use soap free body washes to neutralized your skin’s pH level to keep bacteria at bay.

Body odor

Body odor can be a symptom  of sickness or poor hygiene! In either case summer is your number one enemy. People might raise their nose in disgust at the thought of sharing airspace with you.Hair under your arms will slow evaporation of sweat-it is very important that you shave and shower regularly, using unscented shower gel, and deodorant. Wear breathable fabric that can quickly wick moisture away before bacteria begin to feast on it.  sleeping with soiled. The best way to get rid of body odor is by attacking it’s cause, however fragrance or other type of scented body products  will mask the odor until the base note dry down, and your natural odor will return with a vengeance-which bring me to my nest point.

Last year a guy asked me to dance at a party, the minute I got up I smelled a strong odor of pepper. As we began to dance, the middle note of his cologne reached a toxic level and straightforward herbal tobacco.Though I am very peeved at bad odor, I politely kept him from rubbing off on me. After the music stopped, he asked if he could share my table? I said yes but told him that I would not  be able to dance with him again because his cologne was too strong. He then said  he would removed his suit jacket.

I was a bit annoyed at the fact that I had just met the guy and he acted  as if I was his main squeeze! During the second dance… I wish he had kept his jacket on, because his body odor and the strong cologne smelled like a combination of potpourri  and anal discharge of an aging cat. I mustered the courage to get back on the dance floor with him, when the music ended he offered to get me something to drink, and while he was gone I left the party.

As A Perfume Lover – I Have to Admit That Unscented Men Turns Me On To No End!

 On A Serious Note: I am Not Seeking Unscented Men Please, Refrain  From Messaging Me:(  



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